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Created by the world famous designers with high craftsmanship, the designer jewelry items are miniature works of arts. Not only carry prestigious brand names, these designer jewelry pieces but also feature precious metals with expensive gemstones, unqiue design and motifs. Some of the high fashioned designer jewelry pieces are even crafted by hand, thus adding more value to its price. Designer jewelry items are usually availbale at high-end department stores, designer jewelry stores and boutique jewelry stores.

Places to shop for Designer jewellery

Depending on wherever you reside, you'll be able to purchase designer items domestically. but if you do not board or close to a giant town, you'll still obtain designer jewellery on-line. When you are tired of designer jewelry, you can browse here for the personalized jewelry:

Barney's ny
Barneys could be a high finish emporium with an in depth choice of elite designer jewellery. you will find items by designers like couturier, Cathy boater, Irene Neuwirth, and plenty of others. costs vary from around $200 for a animal skin cuff bracelet to run over $100,000 for a designer diamond jewellery.

Although it does not provide the foremost exclusive designers, Nordstrom will have a good choice of items by Lanvin, Marni, John Hardy, and others. several items area unit beneath $1000.

If you are looking for discount costs on a number of the simplest names in designer jewellery, Bluefly could be a nice searching possibility. the choice is usually ever-changing, however it's normal to check items by Bottega Veneta, Stella Paul McCartney, Lanvin, and different elite designers. items area unit heavily discounted, generally half-hour to four-hundredth off the manufacturer's advised retail worth.

Featuring jewellery by designers like Cathy boater, Mallary Marks, Mark Davis, and plenty of others, Twist includes a nice choice of exotic items. If you are looking for one thing really original, Twist's One-of-a-Kind assortment offers designer-crafted items that area unit distinctive. costs vary considerably reckoning on the materials used, the designer, and also the item.

J.R. Dunn
J.R. Dunn bills itself because the largest on-line designer dealer, and really will have an in depth choice. you will find Mikimoto, Tacori, Chopard, John Hardy, and plenty of different designers. items vary from straightforward valuable styles to those decorated with diamonds and different precious gems. costs vary considerably, reckoning on the piece.

Prestigious jewellery Designers

You can additionally obtain directly from a number of the foremost prestigious jewellery designers or purchase through their licensed retailers. the subsequent area unit among a number of the foremost fashionable loaded patrons, in keeping with a report by Luxist and also the Luxury Institute of latest dynasty and reported on Market Wire.

Harry Winston
Harry Winston offers rare and distinctive jewellery, and his work is fashionable Hollywood celebrities. Floral motifs figure heavily in his collections, that feature precious metals, diamonds, and exotic gems. you'll search on-line directly from Harry Winston web site, or if you are looking for one thing very special, you'll schedule a briefing at the shop location of your option to read one-of-a-kind items or request a custom item.

Tiffany & Co
Known for its quality acquisition, beautiful style, and painting blue box, Tiffany & Co. has long been one in every of the foremost common designer jewellery stores in America. you'll read the collections associated search on-line or stop in to 1 of the numerous Tiffany locations to custom-design an band or different special piece.

Cartier, one in every of the foremost prestigious names in French designer jewellery, has an in depth e-boutique for U.S. shoppers. you will find watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and far a lot of. For in-person service and custom work, you'll use the website's find-a-boutique feature.

Bulgari could be a known Italian designer of luxury things and jewellery. you'll search on-line for everything from straightforward chains to diamond rings. For custom items, you'll use the shop surveyor to seek out a shop close to you to figure with.

Buccellati is additionally a far-famed Italian jewellery designer. though you cannot search on-line, you'll flip thorough the designer's on-line catalog to look at obtainable styles. If one thing captures your attention, you'll use the shop surveyor on the web site to seek out a distributer close to you.

Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels offers many lines of lovely designer jewellery, most that includes flowers or vines. you'll search on-line by assortment or use the shop surveyor to seek out a close-by distributer to buy a chunk of "high jewelry" or a custom style.

Buying Vintage and Second-Hand Designer jewellery

If you are curious about a designer piece with a history, you've got variety of searching choices. Vintage and pre-owned items will give a price savings, and that they additionally provide how to expand your jewellery assortment on the far side this year's lines. However, it is vital to certify this stuff before you invest. Gold name necklace makes the perfect item for collecters and fans of gold vintage jewelry.

Gold and stone vintage ring
Gold & Gem Ring from dressmaking Designer merchandising shop
You can purchase vintage and second-hand designer jewellery at stores specializing in these items:

Beladora - This store offers an in depth choice of vintage designer items and that they guarantee the legitimacy of every piece. you will find most major designers, starting from Tiffany to Buccellati.
Portero - providing purses and designer jewellery that has been gently used, this store could be a good spot to seek out a deal on navigator, Mikimoto, and more.
Couture Designer merchandising shop - This store resells designer items from Tiffany, Cartier, and plenty of different luxury brands.

Shopping in Second-Hand Stores and on eBay
If you are searching during a store, pawn shop, or on associate auction web site like eBay, you ought to use caution. Designer items area unit major investments, and devious sellers will faux these items. Before you purchase associate investment piece, take the time to urge it formally appraised. If the vendor won't look ahead to associate appraisal, move on.

Love It for Years to come back

When you purchase prestigious piece, particularly a one-of-a-kind designer jewellery item, you're adding a piece of art to your assortment. Designer jewellery makes a good investment, therefore it's usually best to decide on items you recognize you may love for years to come back.

How to Convert Roman Numerals Tags: roman numerals converter

Many centuries ago during the era of the Roman Empire, Roman citizens were known for their industriousness in areas like commerce and trade. Since they already knew how to read and write, they came up with a numerical system to represent numbers for counting. This system lasted for centuries and is still being used today. This article is contributed by Get Personalized Jewelry Store.

What is Roman numeral?
Roman numeral is simply a numerical system used to represent numbers for counting with a combination of Latin alphabets, which originated in ancient Rome. This system is still used for writing numbers today and is based on seven distinct symbols.

Over the years, these numerals were used for several purposes apart from calculations and trade like indicating the order of rulers who bear the same name, for example, Pope John Paul II. Another use of Roman numerals is in the publishing industry for copyright dates, and on gravestones and cornerstones when a deceased owner of a building has wished an impression of theirs should be created for them.

The symbols used for roman numerals
As mentioned earlier, there are 7 distinct symbols used in Roman numerals basics and we will take a look at them.
1. I This means 1 with II and III meaning 2 and 3 respectively.
2. V This symbol represents 5. When I is placed before V, it means 4 and when it is placed after it, it means 6. The system allows a smaller number placed before the larger one indicate that number subtracted from the big one to mean the number represented. Therefore, VII and VIII mean 7 and 8.
3. X This stands for 10. Since the symbol I cannot exceed three, the number 9 cannot be represented using V and I. Therefore, the subtraction principle is applied meaning that IX represents 9. On the other hand, 11 will now be XI. Then to represent other numbers in tens, an additional X is added i.e. XX and XXX mean 20 and 30 respectively. But this stops at a certain point.
4. L This is for 50. From what we have seen above, 40 would be XL while 60 would be LX with 70 and 80 being LXX and LXXX respectively.
5. C Meaning 100. C was gotten from a Latin word called centum meaning 100. The same subtraction and addition principle still apply to it. XC means 90 while adding L to it (XL) means 150.
6. D This stands for 500. CD means 400.
7. M This means 1000. CM means 900.
The internet has made things easier for us today. If you do not know how to count Roman numerals, there are applications that can do this called roman numerals converter. All you need to do is to enter the number in the box and click on convert. The software does the calculation and displays the corresponding number. There is also a Roman numeral conversion table to help you out with how the numerals are calculated. The Roman numerals converter is a very useful tool and anyone who wants to understand Roman numerals should go ahead and make use of it.

Nowadays, fashion has a way of incorporating a lot of things. There are so many kinds of women's jewelry with Roman numerals on them as a form of fashion. Roman numeral jewelry have the numerals engraved on their pendants or probably carved on them.

There are bracelets that have roman numerals engraved on them or on their bar, there are roman rings, Roman numeral necklace with the numerals engraved on a bar or on the pendant.

These jewelry are worn a lot by women to make a statement on their sense of fashion. These personalized custom roman numeral jewelry can be presented as gifts to family members, friends, and loved ones. They are made from gold, sterling silver, stainless steel and other metals.

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